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In Florida, when a unwed couple has a child, the Mother is presumed to have all legal rights to the child.  Until a circuit court determines who is the legal Father, the Mother can decide all aspects of the child's life including where the child resides, how often the child can visit with relatives like the Father, and how the child will be medically treated.  

In a Paternity case, the court will enter a Parenting Plan which is a written directive of each parents' rights and obligations to the child.  The Court will determine the number of nights in a year the child resides with the Mother and the Father.  With this information plus each parents' monthly income and child expenses, a child support amount will be calculated pursuant to the Florida Child Support Guidelines

Dissolution of Marriage

In the current digital age, it can feel like people instantly take notice when a couple divorces.  All of a sudden, friends and family want to know why you’ve split up and who will “win” the divorce. This can make it difficult to keep intimate and personal aspects of your life private. Your choice of attorney can help to make the process of getting divorced much more manageable.

When a couple is divorcing in Florida, the Court has to address Parenting Issues, Division of Property, Alimony, and Child Support.  No two divorces are the same.  At McCart & Tesmer, P.A.​ our Tampa Bay family law attorneys regularly handle complex divorce cases, including those for high-net-worth clients. As your attorneys, our goals are to protect your privacy and achieve the results you want. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

Child Support

Regardless if a child is born to married or unmarried parents who are no longer together, the Court has an obligation to award child support for the benefit of the child. The Court will determine the number of nights in a year the child resides with each parent, relying on the parents' Parenting Plan.  After numerous financial disclosures such as pay stubs, bank statements and financial affidavits, each parents' monthly income and child expenses are used to calculate the child support amount based upon the to  Florida Child Support Guidelines.  

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