02. Estate Planning and Guardianship

Estate Planning

For nearly 20 years, successful business owners, professionals and families have looked to our Tampa Bay lawyers to guide them in effectively securing their financial futures. With our belief that effective planning for your family's financial future means leaving no stone unturned, we will guide you through the following, and other critical estate planning steps:

  • Providing for incapacity and legal, business, and medical decision-making

  • Avoiding probate

  • Providing for and protecting minor children and grandchildren

  • Establishing trusts for beneficiaries with special needs

  • Reducing or eliminating death taxes (the federal estate tax)

  • Preventing sudden wealth syndrome for beneficiaries

  • Imparting values and guidance with property


Every family is unique and therefore every estate plan is unique.  Schedule a consult today to speak with one of our attorneys to discuss your estate planning needs. 

Guardianship & Guardian Advocate

Guardianship is the process where an individual is determined to be incapacitated to a degree which impairs his or her ability to make decisions on their own. The Court can determined some or all of the individual's rights should be removed and/or delegated to a third person called the Guardian.  The Guardian has a duty to act in the best interest of the individual.  Rights which may be removed include: the right to vote, the right to drive, and the right to marry.  Rights which may be delegated to the Guardian include: the right to contract, the right to sue and defend, and the right to determine social and residential setting.  In the event all rights are removed and delegated to the Guardian is called a Plenary Guardianship.  When the individual retains at least one right, such as the right to marry, this is called a Limited Guardianship.


Guardian Advocate is a process for family members, caregivers, or friends of individuals with a developmental disability to obtain the legal authority to act on their behalf.  A Guardian Advocate does not requires the individual with a developmental disability to be determined "incapacitated".  Rather, the Guardian Advocate is appointed to help the individual with making decisions relating to the individual's person, property, or both.  Our attorneys are well-versed in the practice of Guardian Advocate, particularly given the situation when two or more persons (such as divorced parents) are asking to be appointed which results in determining what is in the individual's best interest.

Schedule a consultation today so that our attorneys can discuss your options for continued care for your loved one. 

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